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 Saxist Music Productions is a full service music production company.  We produce  Movie and TV Scoring, Movie and TV soundtracks. records, CD's,  Jingles (custom designed for your product).  Our Publishing companies: Saxist Music Publishing, Chalom publishing and Lady-Fire Productions are all affiliated with ASCAP.



Carolina Beach Music



Movie Soundtracks Credits

  • Soundtracks: Song "My Love" produced, written and performed by Louie Lupo & The Swaggers for the movies, "Slice" (2018),  starring "Chance The Rapper" and "Diane" (2019), Starring Mary Kay Place. To view these credits go to for Slice and Diane under "Did you know"?         


  •  Have written, produced and arranged hundreds of jingles along with late partner Les Waas (known for "Mr. Softee" ice cream).  Our "Melrose Diner" jingle aired on KYW radio for more than 30 years. To name a few local jingles: Citizen's Banks, Atlantic Richfield (ARCO Oil Company), Steel Pier, Oxford Valley Mall, etc.  Our jingles were very successful because of their memorable, "catchy" words and music, which is essential for a successful jingle.

Record company Information

  •  The record labels that have been signed for music productions are as follows: Atlantic Records, TK Records, Philips, Gamble Records, Canusa, Chancellor, Forevermore Records and other independent labels. These productions were  written, arranged and produced by Louie Lupo of Saxist Music Productions.

Louie Lupo

Has  had a long and notable career as a composer, producer, song writer, arranger, jingle writer and studio musician.  Studied theory, harmony and orchestration since childhood with the finest instructors available and was classically trained.  Is an accomplished Saxophonist with many CD's, records and tapes. Have been contracted by most major recording studios on the east coast.  Have recorded numerous times in Philadelphia, PA and New York  at Sigma Sound Studios, Alpha Studios and Virtue studios since the 1970's. Also, recorded at Evergreen Studios in Burbank,  CA. Have worked with "Gamble and Huff". Have written, recorded and produced: Rock, R&B, Disco and jazz and other genres.

Latest CD's



  • LOUIE LUPO is one of the premier saxophonists playing a combination of Swing Music and Carolina Shag.  Hence, Swing+Shag=Swag.  The Swagger's music is filled with emotion, evoking unrestrained toe-tapping and that gotta get up and dance feeling throughout each selection. So, grab your favorite dance partner or simply sit back (if you can) to listen and enjoy.  If you like instrumental music, you will love listening to Louie Lupo and The Swaggers.  To play music go to  .  Music video coming soon.


(Smooth Jazz CD)

  •  Not only is LOUIE LUPO a swinging Saxophonist, he is widely respected as a smooth jazz musician.  To purchase this CD go to 


Smooth Jazz


Not only is Louie Lupo a swinging Saxophonist, he is widely respected as a smooth jazz musician.



CD's Available


There are currently two CD's available for purchase.  "Sax On The Beach" (Carolina Shag Dance CD) and "Sax In The City" (Smooth Jazz CD.


Music Score Samples

All Scores Copyrighted 

If interested, contact us with your request for additional samples


Tension Movie Cue (Chase Scene) (mp3)


civil war scene 2 (mp3)


01 Majestic soundtrack (Game of Thro (mp3)


I Need A Friend (mp3)


Alien Drone (mp3)


The Only One I Loved (mp3)


News Flash



We are honored to have our song "My Love" selected to be played in the new movie "Diane" release date 2019.  Also, The movie "Slice", staring Chance the Rapper, is using " My Love"  released in 2019  More to come!

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