Louie Lupo & The Swaggers


Carolina Beach Music

Carolina Beach Music

LOUIE LUPO is one of the premier saxophonists playing a combination of Swing Music and Carolina Shag.  Hence, Swing+Shag=Swag.  The Swagger's music is filled with emotion, evoking unrestrained toe-tapping and that gotta get up and dance feeling throughout each selection. So, grab your favorite dance partner or simply sit back (if you can) to listen and enjoy.  If you like instrumental music, you will love listening to Louie Lupo and The Swaggers.  To play music go to  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/lupo2  .  Music video coming soon.


Smooth Jazz


Not only is Louie Lupo a swinging Saxophonist, he is widely respected as a smooth jazz musician.


CD's Available


There are currently two CD's available for purchase.  "Sax On The Beach" (Carolina Shag Dance CD) and "Sax In The City" (Smooth Jazz CD.


News Flash


We are honored to have our song "My Love" selected to be played in the new movie "Diane" release date 2018.  Also, The movie "Slice", staring Chance the Rapper, is using " My Love"  to be released in 2018.  More to come!

Contact Us

To purchase CD's email Louie Lupo at louluposax@yahoo.com


Or go to https://store.cdbaby.com/lupo for Sax In The City

 and https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/lupo2 for Sax On The Beach.


Thank you, Louie Lupo